Teachers, staff, students, parents and the community work in partnership to create life-long learners who are responsible, productive citizens.


Lowell Elementary School's mission is to ensure the personal and intellectual success of all students by having high expectations, a commitment to excellence, and a comprehensive school program, confirming the belief that all students can learn and lead responsible, satisfying lives.


  • Challenged, engaged, and respectful students
  • Safe, clean, and welcoming campus
  • Friendly, positive, and nuturing school climate 

Character Ed.


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Lowell Principles

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Spread the word!  We are excited to report that as of January 25, Long Beach Unified School District is moving to an online enrollment procedure for new students as well as School of Choice applicants.  This new process will save time and allow you to enroll in the comfort of your home!

Parents will need to bring their child's birth certificate, immunization record, and 2 forms of residency verification to the school office.  The they will be given the online instructions to enroll their child.

We understand that this is new for everyone and there will be technical support available.  We are excited that the district is moving to a more streamlined system that will eventually be paperless!

Principal's Message

Dear Lowell Families,


As we move towards the second half of our school year, it is a great time to take stock in what our students have accomplished. Many times we concentrate solely on school based accomplishments; however we parents have many co-curricular activities that our students participate in both after school, in the evening, and on the weekends. Our weekends have become increasingly busy whether you have a swim meet, soccer tournament, dance recital, or one of the other myriad of participatory events that our students are involved in.


I bring this up mainly because as a society we all too often base accomplishments on ribbons and trophies. However, as I talk to many of our Lowell parents, these weekend tourneys and recitals morph into family outings that allow us to learn so much more about ourselves and our family dynamics. As a child, I remember swim meets that would last the weekend, but more than that I remember the time spent with my family. My memories remind me that I was the best “UNO” player, however my sister would surely disagree.


Ribbons become worn and tattered, and trophies collect dust. However, memories may become “foggy”, but we tend to polish these up in our minds as time passes. Accomplishments can be defined by many things, but as we and our children get older, the one accomplishment that surely remains is having our families gather together and make those memories that go on the shelves of our minds.




Lester “Dow” Lawson


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12:00 AM VIPS Appreciation Week-Treats for VIPS in the Office
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