Teachers, staff, students, parents and the community work in partnership to create life-long learners who are responsible, productive citizens.


Lowell Elementary School's mission is to ensure the personal and intellectual success of all students by having high expectations, a commitment to excellence, and a comprehensive school program, confirming the belief that all students can learn and lead responsible, satisfying lives.


  • Challenged, engaged, and respectful students
  • Safe, clean, and welcoming campus
  • Friendly, positive, and nuturing school climate 

Character Ed.


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Principal's Message

June, 2015

Dear Lowell Elementary School Fifth Grade Sea Star Scholars,

My heart and soul are truly filled with pride, happiness, and excitement on this momentous occasion. Your promotion to sixth grade shows that you have risen to the challenge, time and time again. You have demonstrated perseverance and dedication to make this day a reality. By studying hard, excelling on exams, and giving 110% each and every day, you have earned the right to be forever known as a member of the Lowell Sea Star family.

As a permanent member of the Lowell Sea Star family, you have the responsibility of representing your alma mater with class, dignity and honor. I am confident that everyone you come in contact with throughout your middle/high school experience and beyond will recognize the strong sense of character that you developed during your years at Lowell. Please remember that no amount of money can ever buy some of the most important things that will make you successful in life, such as heart, desire, and class.

Beyond academics, there are things in life that speak volumes about the content of your character, especially in middle school; your choice of friends is a big one. My grandmother used to tell me, "Show me your friends, and I'll show you who you are." Rather than following what might be popular, do not be afraid to do what you know in your heart is correct and ethical. By challenging yourself to be involved in projects and work that makes a positive, lasting impact on your community, your experiences will probably teach you as much or more than any book couldever provide.

I look forward to giving you a big "high five" when you walk off the stage after receiving your high school diploma (class of 2022), bachelor's degree (class of 2026), master's degree (class of 2027) and Doctorate (class of ?).

Enjoy this moment, and continue to strive every day to reach your full potential!

With Tremendous Pride,


Mr. Platis

Principal, Lowell Elementary School

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The Lowell PTA Picnic at Recreation Park, June 19, 1931

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