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Admin/Support Staff

Contact Dow Lawson  Dow Lawson Principal
Contact Terri Phelps  Terri Phelps Counselor
Office Staff
Contact Michelle Olsen  Michelle Olsen Attendance and Enrollment
Contact Jackie Scarborough  Jackie Scarborough Secretary
Contact Jannette Jeffrey  Jannette Jeffrey Nurse
Contact Jacqueline Thomas  Jacqueline Thomas Senior Health Assistant
Custodial Services
Contact Julio Hernandez  Julio Hernandez Custodian Supervisor
Contact Alvaro Marin  Alvaro Marin Custodian
Contact Thy Soy  Thy Soy Custodian
Support Staff
Contact Vicki Bloomberg  Vicki Bloomberg (562) 433-6757 ex: 126 Literacy Specialist
Contact Arnel Calvario  Arnel Calvario OT
Contact Eunice Cho  Eunice Cho Vocal Music
Contact Katie Collins  Katie Collins Specialist
Contact Bob Gallandt  Bob Gallandt Instrumental Music
Contact Toni Guastella  Toni Guastella APE
Contact Sandi Mousa  Sandi Mousa Playground
Contact Michelle Provost  Michelle Provost RSP
Contact Lucy Renshaw  Lucy Renshaw Media Assistant
Contact Suzzane Sassoon  Suzzane Sassoon Speech/Language
Kids Club
Contact Rosann Ballance  Rosann Ballance Kids Club Supervisor