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Mr. John Brunner Locker

Mr. John Brunner


Homework Notes for Dec. 10 - 14, 2018


         This week students are to read the Scholastic News each night as their nightly reading for Monday and Tuesday, then answer half of the questions on the first night and the remaining half on the second night.

         For Monday night’s math, students round each number in the equation before solving to find the estimate; not simply rounding the product.

         For Wednesday night’s math, students should remember the basic “order of operations” that we will have practiced in class; (multiply, or divide, all the parts of the equations first, then add, or subtract, in the order that they appear in the equation).

         While students should already be reading their Holiday Concert song words, they are assigned as homework on Wednesday and Thursday, and, then, over the weekend.

Parent and Student Notes for Dec. 10- 14,2018


         As I write this homework letter the fieldtrip to the Rancho is still in the future, but several days of “rainy day” schedules are in the past. (It is quite interesting functioning in a bungalow when the weather gets soggy.) The students are sounding really great as they work on their holiday concert songs. We will, (this week and next week), meet with the other fourth grade classes over in the auditorium for a whole group practice.

         Next week I will be collecting the library books which were checked out on our fieldtrip

Student of the Week -------> Jackson


Math focus - Unit 2 “Multiplication and Division of Whole Numbers” (approx. 6 weeks)


Language Arts focus


Unit 3 “That’s the Spirit!” (Learning Target – “I can explore the concept of individuals’ actions and words as contributing factors in building a strong sense of community by reading both fictional and nonfiction stories.”)

Room B7 2018-2019 Calendar
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Mr. John Brunner Locker

Internet addresses and logins (Mr. B. email, ParentVUE, STMath)

My district email address is


ParentVue website is


PTA Google form is


STMath ("Jiji") address is  

      (Once on this website students will need to login by entering the same student ID number they use in the computer lab to login followed by     )  

     Their password is the same one they use to login while in the computer lab and is their birthdate written as MMDDYY.)  

     Example--> if Billybob was born on August 10, 2007 and his student ID number is 12345678, then he would login as               followed by his password which would be    081007  .