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Uniform Policy

The Lowell Look From Head to Toe

School Uniform Policy


  1. No bandanas: fabric headbands no wider than 2 inches and logo free.
  2. No neck scarves
  3. No makeup
  4. Hats –
    • Approved sunhats (wide brim) or baseball-style OK
    • Navy blue or white
    • Lowell logo or no logo on hat
    • Outside only   


A.  Tops

  1. Must have a collar or turtleneck
  2. Solid white or navy - no trim
  3. Logo-free or Lowell logos only
  4. Must be tucked in
  5. Lowell T-shirts

B.  Bottoms

  1. No more than 1 inch larger than waist
  2. No jeans, denim, sweats, leggings, sequin skirts, or overalls
  3. Pants - long or short
    • Long pants, capri or pedal pushers                        
    • Short pants - mid-thigh to knee length
    • Biking shorts or tights under skirts only
  4. Skirts - no shorter than arm’s length

C. Dresses

  1. Jumpers - solid navy with white shirt
  2. Solid navy with collar - no white or colored trim

 D. Outerwear

  1. Navy or white ONLY - inside outside  (sweaters, jackets or sweatshirts - no ponchos)
  2. Lowell sweatshirts OK
  3. Rainy day gear OK


 A. Shoes - appropriate for Physical Education

  1. Closed toe and heel (no back straps)
  2. Flat soles - less than 1 inch
  3. No boots, slippers, or “Heelys”

B. Socks

  1. Must be worn
  2. Tights footless tights - under skirts only
  3. Any color OK
Sample Outfits